on sandboxes, concrete, and being in third year doctoral studies…

Words worth remembering…I totally relate!


805 has officially begun which means my third year of doctoral study is officially underway. I have survived all required coursework, words ending in ‘ology’ have begun to make greater appearances in my vocabulary, and I feel no imposter syndrome when introducing myself as a doctoral student. I am at the halfway mark, which means that in the not too distant future I’ll proudly add some letters to my name, and add some robes to my wardrobe.

Looking at my position from a cool, collected, impartial, fully bracketed viewpoint I seem to be in a great spot as I’m a positive statistic in the doctoral journey (which in doctoral education is no small task). And yet from the inside, totally bracketed, personal view…I am anything but cool and collected and in fact “hot mess” is probably a more apt descriptor of my academic state. I’ve spent the last two years…

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