Sites and cool resources for finding and remixing OER

If you are one of those educators interested in finding,using, creating and remixing OER, here are some interesting sites and tools I have compiled to get you started.

Be sure to always check the license of the material you are using and attribute when necessary. CC licenses need to be compatible for repurposing and remix. When in doubt, read these guidelines first:  Creative Commons unplugged.

Creative Commons site for finding open resources on multiple platforms.

Sites for finding CC or public domain photos and clipart:

Sites for finding music and videos to use, share, and remix:

  • Vimeo 
  • Jamendo
  • YouTube: NatureClip free stock footage.
  • YouTube when licensed under Creative Commons (CC-BY or CC-BY-SA).

Site for creating quizzes and/or adapting and remixing existing ones.

Cool add ons or tools for Microsoft Office and Internet browsers:

Open and free tools for creating and remixing OER:

Digital repository- The Orange Grove 

Slide share net (be sure the material you are remixing is under a Creative Commons license. Otherwise you need to get permission from the author).

Happy repurposing, remixing and reclaiming a small corner of the Internet! 😉


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