Course finally published

Mission accomplished! 🙂 The mission was difficult yet not impossible. 😉 My deep gratitude goes to the OER advocates and pros Wayne Mackintosh and Jim Tittsler for their patience and expertise in helping me during this course and especially in assisting me to publish my micro open Course.

This has been an incredible learning journey for me. I started off knowing very basic Wiki editing and OER remixing skills and I think I have now moved up the ladder to the intermediate level. The main lesson learned is that curating, using, adapting, and remixing OER is not an easy task yet it is very enjoyable once you get the hang of it. It requires not only knowing Wiki editing skills (a bit of knowledge of syntax) but also knowing how to use different open softwares to remix instructional materials.

Ultimately, it requires a good lesson plan for a learning object and a good dose of creativity. During this course, my main focus was on learning the digital skills required for OER so I used a course I had previously developed for my Master’s course at Athabasca University. If I had had more time, I would have perhaps developed a course from scratch. At any rate, my initial goals for this course were achieved.

It’s one small step for me, one giant leap for the K-12 public school teachers in Brazil that I hope to train to use and create OER for my doctoral dissertation. The objective of my mixed methods design-based research (DBR) is to measure the effectiveness of a design for an OER in-service professional development program for Brazilian K-12 public school teachers. Having acquired good sound digital skills, I will now need a good dose of perseverance and creativity.

Thank you OERu for this excellent learning journey!

PS: I am curious to know what happens after you have managed to publish the course on WordPress. What the next steps would be.


2 thoughts on “Course finally published

  1. Congrats Viviane!! I may have to “pick your brains” when I get to developing my course for adolescent mental health!!


    Tracy D. Orr, B.Ed., M.S.W., R.S.W. School Counsellor – Caroline School (403) 722-3833 Facilitator, Going the Distance Program (403) 846-8717


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