Course publish challenge

So after 2 days of trying to publish my course on WordPress all I have gotten is a screenshot of the OER homepage. I would really appreciate your help on this. I followed all instructions, renamed and moved pages. It appears I have run into a dead end street. I would very much appreciate your help.

Here is a screenshot of what is being published to my site:

My course on WordPress


5 thoughts on “Course publish challenge

  1. 1. The “Request snapshot” widget must go on the page that includes the outline of your course. (I deleted a copy I found on your course home page.)

    2. You have some duplicate pages, so I’m not certain what is your current course outline. looks like it contains part of the outline (but not the course landing page or the snapshot widget). has another outline, but is also missing the snapshot widget and doesn’t have as many links as the first one. Are you planning to merge these into a single outline?

    3. You do not have any email address registered with WikiEducator now, so you will not receive email when someone edits one of your pages, leaves a comment on one of the pages, or when the snapshot completes.


  2. The correct Outline page is:ésumé_Writing_for_EFL_Learners/Course_Outline
    but I have not inserted the corresponding links. Should I and how should I name them?
    What about theésumé_Writing_for_EFL_Learners/Landing_page and theésumé_Writing_for_EFL_Learner/Home_page? Will these appear on the snapshot? I was under the assumption that we weren’t supposed to use the prefix. Is that correct? I have added an email address in the preferences page. Thanks.


    • It doesn’t matter if you pick the main namespace or your User: namespace. The main namespace is normally used for public projects, and building withing your User: pages suggests a personal project where you are not interested in collaboration (or at least not yet).

      Whichever you choose, I would recommend keeping everything together and building a tree structure of pages that reflects the tree structure of the outline. That isn’t strictly a requirement, but it does make for a single mental model of the course/page layout.

      So since you have created a page called Résumé_Writing_for_EFL_Learners/Course_Outline for your outline, it would be easy to make the page called Résumé_Writing_for_EFL_Learners for use as the course “landing page” or home page.

      Because of the constraints of the theme’s navigation layout, it is best to keep the menu items short… a word or two.

      So the outline might start like:

      * [[Résumé_Writing_for_EFL_Learners|Resume Writing]]
      * Learning pathways
      ** [[Résumé_Writing_for_EFL_Learners/Résumé vs CV|Resume vs CV]]
      *** [[Résumé_Writing_for_EFL_Learners/Résumé vs CV/Outline|Outline]]
      *** [[Résumé_Writing_for_EFL_Learners/Résumé vs CV/Introduction|Introduction]]
      *** [[Résumé_Writing_for_EFL_Learners/Résumé vs CV/How to proceed|How to proceed]]
      * Draft 1
      *** [[Résumé_Writing_for_EFL_Learners/Draft 1/Introduction|Introduction]]
      *** [[Résumé_Writing_for_EFL_Learners/Draft 1/How to proceed|How to proceed]]

      Pages that you have not yet created will appear as “red links.” When you click on them you will get to a page with a Create link that will allow you to create the page and fill in the content.


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