Learning pathways challenge

Here is the link to my course outline. Although, I have tweaked it and made changes to it since I first started developing the Résumé writing for EFL learners course, I still consider this to outline to be a work in progress. I am looking forward to receiving feedback from my peers in order to further improve both the course outline, my home page and what I have decided to entitle Course Syllabus for Learning Pathway 1. I chose this nomenclature in an attempt to distinguish it from other learning pathways I may eventually develop for this course.

The course Home Page (Landing page) still needs to be improved. I intend to add buttons and other links to it but due to time constraints and a holiday (Labour Day in Brazil) coming up, I decided to leave it as is for the time being. My inspiration (or lack of) came from DSFOER home page. Thus, I am wondering whether I need to make a reference to this on the page.

All in all, this has been an incredible learning experience and I am quite pleased with the first draft of my work. I have managed successfully to incorporate all the images, video and sound resources into my learning pathway. During this process, I found new resources, which I also added to my learning pathway. The searching process for OER is somewhat endless. One is constantly stumbling upon better or more incredible OER provided there is time to do so. Therefore, it almost seems as if the course design is a never ending process.

Next week, I plan to redo my OER inventory and undertake the Course site challenge. Looking forward! 🙂


6 thoughts on “Learning pathways challenge

  1. Hi Viviane,

    Your course is really shaping up rather nicely. Well done!

    I’ve noticed a few minor bugs in the url structure of your wiki pages. The base page for your course should be “wikieducator.org/Résumé writing for EFL Learners” – in other words the page should be in the main wiki.

    The current url for your based page is “http://wikieducator.org/Wikieducator.org/User:Vvladimirschi/Résumé writing for EFL Learners” (Note that you have inserted an extra “wikieducator.org” and “User:/User:Vvladimirschi/” into the url.

    You will need to move the respected pages to the correct url, so for example the outline page should be “wikieducator.org/Résumé writing for EFL Learners/Outline” – It will take a little time to move these pages but this must be done otherwise the script to publish our course on WordPress will not work.


  2. No problems. You can use the move function in the wiki to move the pages to the appropriate target pages. Remember that some of your links may point to the old pages and these will need to be updated as well.


  3. Good job, Viviane. It seems that the most part of the work of preparing an open online course (maybe a 80% of the total work) is just to build the course as we have been doing in this course. Now we will have time to make the mountain of things we need to make before launch our courses. Good luck.

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