OER inventory challenge

I just completed my OER inventory but I am not sure if I did this correctly. Basically, I created a table that links the learning pathways (divided into 1,2, 3 etc.) of my course with the following headings: Resources to use as is without modification, Resources for minor adaptation, Resources for remix and substantive adaptation and New resources to create from scratch. I classified images, videos and music used in different tasks or challenges. Here is my OER inventory page.

Under New resources to create from scratch, I included slides and videos for the future learning pathways of my course.


2 thoughts on “OER inventory challenge

  1. Hi Viviane. Maybe you can put your links “inside” the phrases. If you use Edit, you can highlight, for example, “Office shot by Marin Thomas from Flickr”, and insert the link as a hyperlink. I don’t know if I’m explaining well (my bad English!) 🙂 That way, you can have a “cleaner” look in your OER inventory.

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