Video challenge remix

As I have had quite a lot of experience developing video tutorials and editing videos for both work and study purposes, the video challenge remix activity was not as daunting as the diagram remix challenge. The video I created is aimed at covering some basic English grammar topics that will be useful for the learners of my course: Résumé Writing for EFL Learners.

This video is intended to be Part 1 of a series of 3 video tutorials. The other 2 video tutorials will review language and preposition usage. After each video tutorial, the students will take multiple choice exercises and/or quizzes for practice purposes and to assess how much they have learned from the video tutorials.

Here is a list of the derivative works incorporating PD images and audio that I used to develop my video:

I think there are several advantages to using videos for online materials. First, reading can be a tiring and boring task for some learners therefore videos can keep students engaged in a course. Second, videos are more demonstration-friendly and very efficient to teach students how to do something. Third, teaching time is reduced to a great extent using videos. Finally, visual learners benefit a lot from videos since they are able to store information easily.

The disadvantages of using videos for online materials are: creating good videos are very time-consuming and require good storyboarding (scripting) and editing skills; videos require high bandwidth for loading and playing and some learners may not possess this; and if the video created does not match the standards of a high quality video, then it can be ineffective for teaching instead of useful.

Considering the time constraints, I don’t think the video I have created is high quality. At any rate, it has been embedded into my  Sandbox on Wikieducator.

Or you can watch it here:


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