Diagram remix challenge

My initial thoughts on the diagram remix challenge using the Inkscape software were “oh my God, I have absolutely no experience using svg files or any kind of experience with image editing software such as Photoshop CS3 or CorelPhoto-Paint X3. I will never be able to complete this task!”. Those who know me well (my AU Cohort, for example) know that design is not my forté.. 😉 

Finding svg images on Wikimedia Commons was not too overwhelming although it takes time and patience in order to sort through thousands of svg icons available on Wikimedia Commons and Open Clipart in order to determine which ones will be suitable for your learning object. As I had already a clear vision of the learning pathways of my course, I was able to find the images relatively quickly.

After downloading the Inkscape software, I proceeded to read the help tutorials. Much to my surprise this software is super user friendly and quite intuitive. Nevertheless, I spent about 8 hours completing this task even though from the end result of the final product it looks as if I completed this task in 1 hour.

As my skills with this type of software are extremely basic, I would really like to learn how to modify or customize svg icons that are licensed as either public domain works or as CC BY-SA 3.0. I am under the assumption that the Inkscape software enables us to do this yet I lack the skills to do so. 

This graphic design, in which I used eight PD svg files, will be one of the major graphics in my course, Résumé Writing for EFL learners, since students will follow this work scheme along the 5 weekly sessions of this 20 hour course. Week 1 learning activities and corresponding tasks are depicted in this graphic design. The PD svg images that I used are geared towards providing a visual element to the 3 tasks of Week 1. Here are the final results of my diagram challenge:

Learning pathways

I am becoming hooked on diagram remixing! I could easily spend every day of my life just doing so. A design course is in order! 


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