Image challenge

This picture was created by Juhan Sonin and is entitled “My current resume on Wordle”. I liked the cloud illustration highlighting and representing some of the main categories and tags related to résumé writing so I have chosen it for my Course description page. Its objective is to spark learner interest in résumé writing and ignite writing skills creativity by illustrating that ideas are often interconnected and interwoven.

I’ve also chosen and uploaded on my WikiEducator pages the following pictures:

My take-away lesson from this section the DS4OER course has been to become aware of the importance of a proper attribution when working with open content materials. In my academic papers and presentations, I have always attributed the authorship of these materials in a visible way. However, I have neither added links to these images nor have I included their types of license. I have come to realize during this lesson the importance of attribution and corresponding ethical practices involving OER images for instructional material purposes.


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