On Creative Common licenses

An excellent summary of the CC licenses, their combinations and other useful resources can be found on this page in Wikieducator. As I have added some academic papers I have written to this blog, I am wondering if I should go with the most restrictive license: CC BY-NC-ND or the free cultural license CC-BY? My thesis was published as a chapter in a book and this fact reduced its visibility since not everyone wants to buy a book to read only one chapter. If I had known better at the time, I wouldn’t have agreed to this. Living and learning.

Conversely, I guess no one in the academic world wants to see their work remixed, tweaked, or used for comercial purposes without permission or due credit. Currently, I am more than willing to publish future papers on open journals such as IRRODL, which is a highly reputable journal licensed as CC-BY. I guess my self-awareness strategies to overcome the open paradigm barrier have greatly improved.


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