Adding widgets to create tables on Wikieducator

Thanks to the open content experts: Wayne Mackintosh and Jim Tittsler, I managed to create today my first Widget:Add to Table on Wikieducator. Not an easy task for a beginner to intermediate level Wiki user such as myself but I am very proud to have overcome this challenge. There are still a few things that I need to figure out such as why the table moved to another heading when I inserted that the status of my activity was completed and how to insert a workable link in the course description field. Here is the link to the final result of my table, which includes an “add activity” button.

There is still much to learn on using Wikis. This course management system is not very intuitive and I find the visual editor help a bit confusing at times. Making progress slowly. I am beginning to get a good sense of the many challenges I will face when I begin to train teachers to create and use OER here in Brazil. Moving on to completing the digital skills challenge.

A last word on the compatibility of Creative Commons licenses for reuse and remix, and guidelines for finding OER: these license compatibility issues are quite complex. I think I will be resorting often to my in-house and cohort peer Peggy Lynn MacIssac at Athabasca University for her expertise and help.


4 thoughts on “Adding widgets to create tables on Wikieducator

  1. Hi Viviane,

    Wow! I’m impressed and applaud your willingness to experiment with widgets. This is an advanced wiki skill when compared to basic formatting using the visual editor. This is an illustration of the power of wiki technology in that it can support a wide range of users at different levels with different needs and interests. Well done!

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  2. Glad to see you figured out adding a table and the “add a row of data” widget.

    I think the table “moved” because you accidentally deleted the |} which “closes” the table. More than you ever wanted to know about Mediawiki tables is available here: The table markup is very flexible, but does take some practice to master.

    You can create a link by putting standard wiki syntax in the form field. So for a local link something like:

    [[Wiki page name here|Text displayed]]

    Good to see you exploring the wiki.

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