Summary of qualifications

“Education does not change the world. Education changes people. People change the world.”

Paulo Freire



  • Focused on leading change and innovation in K-12 and higher education through use of distance and blended learning teaching and learning and educational technologies. 
  • Open education and OER (Open Educational Resources) advocate.
  • Doctoral candidate at Athabasca University, Alberta, Canada. 
  • Researcher of learning design guidelines for OER uptake and implementation in Brazilian K-12 public schools. 
  • Aspire to empower teachers through teacher professional development programmes aimed at enhancing the knowledge and skills of  teachers in OER  and in the use of information and communication technologies (ICTs). 
  • Passionate about cross-cultural issues and how they impact distance education learners. 
  • Other passions: movies, reading, traveling and knowing about other cultures.
  • Career in the area of Education with emphasis on distance and blended teaching and learning, 17 years in the position of Director at the company E-connection and  2 years in the position Blackboard Collaborate Educational Consultant and Trainer in the company Blackboard, previously 2 years in the position of Educational Consultant in the company MobGeek, 7 months in the position of Lead Instructional Designer at the company iai?, Project Executive Coordinator at Fundação Getúlio Vargas (FGV Online),  Project Manager and Lead Instructional Designer at Faculdade das Américas and 17 years in the position of English Teacher and Coordinator of Online Programs at Associação Alumni, all institutions and/or organizations are active in the field of education.
  • In charge of the development, execution and implementation of distance education courses, blended courses, face-to-face courses and mobile learning.
  • In charge of the development of complimentary materials (text, images and video tutorials) for the booklet on Open Educational Resources for public school teachers in Brazil (Recursos,Educacionais Abertos (REA): Uma caderno para professores). This booklet was designed to be a guide aimed at teaching public school teachers how to find, create, adapt, use and share open educational resources.
  • Consulting services rendered for international corporations or Universities interested in learning more about the potential market for online/distance learning in order to determine any possible challenges that may arise.
  • Responsible for cost management, project budget, schedule and performance of the project and course components for distance education ensuring its implementation success and acceptance by all stakeholders. In charge of the training and education of company clients in best practices for distance teaching and learning.
  • Educational Consultant and trainer, Blackboard Collaborate.

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